Cross-cutting topics


The twelve joint projects within the WaX funding measure have several overlaps and topics of cross-project relevance – despite their interdisciplinary nature. To promote exchange and create cross-project synergies, several workshops on these cross-cutting topics are planned, which will be identified at the beginning of the project phase by the collaborative projects and the steering committee.

The aim of cross-cutting topics is to deepen networking, facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, data and methods and create synergies between the projects. In addition, the meetings can give a perspective on how and which results can be brought together in the sense of a synthesis and prepared for further use by actors from science, practice, politics and administration. By working on cross-cutting topics, the overall impact of the measure can be improved.
The Aqua-X-Net networking and transfer project is responsible for the organisation, implementation, content preparation and follow-up of the workshops on cross-cutting topics.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is made up of the coordinators of the joint projects, the BMBF, the project management organisation (PTKA), the networking and transfer project Aqua-X-Net and five external members. The external representatives are:

  • Alexander Kramer (German Association of Towns and Municipalities, DStGB)
  • Meike Müller (Deutsche Rückversicherung AG)
  • Dr.-Ing. Klaus Piroth (CDM Smith Consult GmbH; Obmann of the DWA Flood Risk Management Committee)
  • Sven Schulz (Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt; Member of LAWA)
  • Tanja Winterrath (German Weather Service, DWD)

The members of the steering committee bring impulses from practice into the research networks, support the transfer of knowledge and contribute to the dissemination of interdisciplinary results. The aim is to strengthen the scientific quality of the funding measure through interdisciplinary and cross-project discussions.
Querschnittsthemen en

In the first and constituent meeting, the steering committee discussed initial cross-cutting topics and interfaces. Based on the results of the discussions during the kick-off meeting, topics were identified that will be addressed in workshops. The WaX funding measure will start with the following cross-cutting topics:

  • Praxis transfer
  • Communication
  • Water storage

Furthermore, the discussions showed the need to exchange on some aspects that are relevant for all projects. Thus, the networking and transfer project will initiate an online query on definitions, geodata and climate change. This will help to get an overview over the diversity of terms and concepts used and foster mutual understanding.